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Message from Principal Sehlin 11.9.23

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Cascade Ridge Community,

Happy November! I hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall colors and exciting weather changes. I trust your conferences this week were positive and informative, providing opportunities to partner with your child’s teacher.

As the weather turns, we always see an uptick in the number of students being driven to and from school. I am often present at arrival/departure and have made a few general observations that need an increased focus from all who share the same goal – getting to and from Cascade Ridge SAFELY.

  • Mind your speed within the parking lot, put cell phones down and be alert at all times.
  • Within the parking lot, please remember the handicap spaces need to remain open, they are not for pulling in and dropping students off/picking students up.
  • Please use the marked crosswalk within the parking lot (with or without your child). Do NOT cross over the lot at the far south end by the curve. This causes unnecessary congestion and is not safe as cars pull around the corner. Additionally, cones and signs are placed there as reminders of this as a no crossing zone.
  • Please keep the drop off/pick up line moving – arrange after school plans/playdates outside of this window of time or pull into a parking spot if needed to plan with others.
  • Please avoid making U turns on Trossachs Blvd. This can cause accidents.
  • Please walk bikes/scooters on and off campus (no riding in lower loop). Pets also need to remain off campus, at the perimeter (by main crosswalk, not in lower loop or near the reader board).
  • Many students enjoy the park to the south of the school, however please do not send your child unattended to the park for pick up.
  • Bikes parked outside of the school gates, on the sidewalk leading into the driveway by the stop sign are unlocked and at a high risk for theft/vandalism. Students should park their bikes within the school fences or on the bike racks, located at both entrance gates.

For additional parking lot guidance please review the full guidelines here. I sincerely appreciate your attention to the above. Again, we all share the same goal of keeping everyone safe as we move in and out of our school. The adults and safety patrol are here to help, please treat them with respect and kindness. As always, please reach out if you have any additional questions.


Jennifer Sehlin

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