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Parking & Traffic Safety

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Please remember, students are not to arrive at school prior to 9:00am unless they are participating in a designated before-school program.

  • Students who walk to school must use one of three supervised crosswalks.
  • Prior to entering the parking lot, please be prepared for your child(ren) to quickly exit the vehicle once you have come to a complete stop in the drop off lane. Do not enter the drop-off lane if students are not ready to exit the vehicle. Instead, circle around again, and enter the lane once they are ready.
  • Vehicles entering the parking lot should proceed to the drop-off lane and pull all the way forward(at a safe speed) to line up directly behind the car in front.
  • Once you have pulled as far forward as possible, students unbuckle and quickly exit the vehicle on the sidewalk side only. As you drive through the parking lot, watch for pedestrians and do not block the crosswalk.
  • The passing lane to the left of the drop-off lane, can only be used for vehicles circling around or exiting the parking lot. It is unsafe for vehicles to enter the drop-off lane from this point by cutting in front of others already in line.
  • Students should not be dropped off at any other location within the parking lot except in the designated drop-off lane. For example, students should not be dropped off in or near the designated accessible parking spaces to then use the crosswalk. This is unsafe and causes congestion in the parking lot.
  • While in the drop-off lane, drivers should not open the driver-side doors or get out of their vehicle to assist studentsThis causes a delay for others. If your children need additional help exiting the vehicle, please park in an appropriate location and walk them to the building.
  • Once dropped off, students are to walk down the pathways on either side of the building to their assigned line-up location at the back of the school.
  • Vehicles cannot be left unattended, for any reason, in the drop-off lane from 9:00-9:20AM or 3:30-4:00PM.
  • Drivers can pull out of the drop-off lane or continue with the line of cars and exit the parking lot by turning right ONLY during arrival and dismissal times. For an easy turn-around (if you needed to turn left), after turning right out of the school parking lot, turn left on SE Belvedere Way (at the second “Preswick” entrance), left on 266th Way SE, and follow around to Trossachs Blvd. at which point you can turn right. (See the map below for route information.) PLEASE DO NOT USE CONDOS in STERLING SQUARE TO TURN AROUND.
  • Parents are welcome to walk their children to the perimeter gates and say their goodbyes.  Students then walk themselves to their class lines.  If parents are volunteering at that time, they must check in at the front office.

Map of Cascade Ridge Parking Lot

Map of Cascade Ridge parking area nd surrounding streets