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Student Placement Process

We are fortunate to have an excellent cadre of teachers at Cascade Ridge Elementary School.  I am confident that in whatever classroom your child has been placed, he or she will encounter a caring and well prepared teacher who is committed to student learning, to student success, to children – to your child.

The process used to assign students is a comprehensive one.  As a staff, we take the responsibility of class placement very seriously.  Beginning in the spring, and continuing through the summer, many factors are considered in the process of placing every child.  This includes adjustments necessary in the summer to incorporate new students.  If you are new to Cascade Ridge and have only recently registered, please realize these factors were considered as closely as possible in placing your child in the classroom that will best meet his/her needs.  Such factors involve:

  • The program needs of the student;
  • A balance of achievement levels in reading and math;
  • The social needs of students and their leadership skills;
  • Independent work habits of students;
  • Behavior factors regarding students;
  • The compatibility of students with each other (such as separating those who have not worked will together in the past);
  • Information provided by the teacher through previous parent/teacher conferences;
  • Recommendations of former teachers, principal, parents, guidance team or related information forwarded from a previous school;
  • Classroom configuration; and
  • The ratio of girls to boys.

Early in September, the District staff and principal will review staffing based on increases/decreases in enrollment.  If significant enrollment changes emerge, then we would need to make building changes in class sections.  However, with the exception of such enrollment issues, because classroom placement has been so carefully determined with such a wide range of factors considered, parental concerns and requests for changes in classroom placement must follow a CLEAR PROCESS and are considered very carefully.

Jennifer Sehlin

Policies and Procedures

For Classroom Assignment Changes at Cascade Ridge Elementary

First Two Weeks of School

No changes considered until the 3rd week of school. Class rosters and student assignments remain as posted the day before school starts.

After “Two” Weeks

Arrange to meet with the Teacher. If serious concerns still remain after this period of time, the parent is invited to schedule a meeting directly with the classroom teacher to identify concerns and work together to resolve the issues (i.e., create timeline, intervention plan; member of Guidance Team may be invited to the meeting).

Following Formal Teacher/Parent Meeting

Review of assignment form. If it appears a change is still desired at this point, the parent should complete a Review of Assignment form. (Teacher may initiate the form.)

Principal Receives Request

The principal reviews the form and contacts Parents and teacher to set a course of action in which any or all of the following may take place: class observations of the student, parents and teacher continue to communicate and may meet with the Principal, the school Guidance team may hear the concerns, student may be involved at any point, other teachers at a grade level may be consulted.

Decision made by Principal

After looking into the situation and consulting with everyone involved, the Principal determines if and when a placement change may be made. The Principal will then notify all parties of the status of the request.